Preliminary: Rules

For a better understanding of the Tournament’s rules and system please find further mandatory technical information here below:

All the participating teams will play 10 matches. The 30 Under 10 teams (players born in 2014) are divided into 6 Italian qualifying groups with 5 teams each. . The first two qualified teams of each group plus the third best ranked ones each group will take part in the tournament with 15 teams so called “AZZURRO”(LIGHT BLUE) CUP , whereas all the others will be playingof the same tournament called the “ROSSO”(RED) CUP.
Best third place teams will be picked up with these following criteria:
1) Higher score in group rankings
2) Goal difference on the total of all matches played in the group
3) Higher number of goals scored on the total of all matches played in the group
4) In case of further draw between two or more teams 3 shootout will be performed 1 vs 1.
Best third place teams will be assigned to next round groups by The technical Committee. The priority criteria will be to avoid placing in the same group teams that have already met in the previous round.

Games duration:
a) Qualifying groups on april 26/27th have a duration of 20 minutes
b) Qualifying groups in the AZZURRO and ROSSO tournaments have a duration of 20 minutes
c) Groups in the final on Sunday April 28th have a duration of 20 minutes

Waiting time: teams arriving more than 5 minutes late for the start of the match, will lose by a 2-0 forfeit, but the goals will not be taken into account for the rankings. Respect for the timetable is crucial to ensure the smooth running of the tournament, knowing that 150 matches will be played in just three days!

Substitutions: free and flying substitutions to be done very quickly by giving a signal to the referee who will check that the entry of the new player happens after the exit of the other one to the bench. It will be the coaches’ responsibility to make all the requested substitutions and to follow the fair play rules. The 7 vs 7 matches are played on a smaller pitch (50×33) with balls type 4. Football goal size: 4×2 mt.

Player lists: a minimum of ten and a maximum of 12 players are listed (bearing in mind that we will never say no to another player only if he plays actively in the matches). The list must be handed over to the technical Committee – together with the valid Federation badge – before the beginning of the tournament. The player numbering must remain fixed for the entire tournament. Only the players listed can take the pitch.

Whistle: the start and the end of each match is done by the technical Committee.

Every match is run by an official referee from the CSI (Italian Sport Association) so we kindly ask to respect the referee’s decisions.

Lateral throw in: to be done by hands and quickly within 5” after the referee’s hand signal.

the throw-in can be done either by feet or by hands, but the ball cannot go beyond the half-way line. If so, the throw-in will be assigned to the opponent from the half-way line. We invite the teams not to do any pressing at the time of referral. In case of a back pass to the goalkeeper, he must return the ball using his feet within 5 seconds, and only in this case is pressing allowed. If the goalkeeper takes the ball with his hands, an indirect free kick will be assigned from the limit of the penalty area. In case of a corner kick if the goalkeeper catches the ball with his hands the return can’t cross the half-way line.

Penalty kicks: are all indirect ones. A goal that occurs after the technical Committee whistle is not valid.

Rankings: The rankings are compiled following these criteria: 3 points for a win – 1 point for a draw – 0 point for a defeat. In case of a draw at the end of the qualifying groups and/or final the following terms are valid:
1- outcome of the direct matches
2- goals difference on the total matches played within the group
3- higher number of scored goals on the total matches played in the group
4- in case of a further draw between two or more teams a shoot out 1 vs 1 will be performed.

Strictly forbidden:
heavy interventions as slip or from behind, the referee can sanction these interventions with a penalty kick.

Technical area: the coach, the Club managers and the players on the bench must remain within the properly marked technical area. It is strictly forbidden for anybody to move around the marked perimeter of the pitch. In case of a double recall the referee could ask the coach and/or the manager to move away.

End time: When a match is over, the teams are kindly asked to move quickly away from the playing area to allow the next scheduled match.

Teams call: 5 minutes before the beginning of matches the technical Committee calls out on the speaker the teams that have to take to the pitch next.

Protocol Covid 19 – We will respect the rules specified by the Government at the start of the tournament. Please avoid loopholes and/or discussions useless right now.