For a better understanding of the tournament regulations and guidelines, please read the following additional technical mandatory information:

Matches: 10 or 11 in total for each team. The tournament is for children born in 2014 only. The organizing Club team can line up children born in 2013. Transfers are not allowed. The first 4 classified of each group will participate in the tournament called Champions Cup while the other 3 of each group in the tournament called Europe Cup.

Player list: each team must have from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 12/13 players. Shirt numbers are fixed and cannot be changed during the tournament. Only players, coaches and authorised staff members indicated in the player list can have access to the field.

Obligation: all players indicated in the list must play each match. To this end, the Organizing Committee believes in fair play and relies on the fair play of all the coaches. The players on the bench, the coaches and the accredited football Club managers must remain within the designated technical perimeters. It is therefore forbidden to go around or near the playing area lines. In case of a double referee call the coach or/and the manager could be moved away.

Match duration: all matches consist of a unique 20 minutes time.

Waiting time: If a team is more than 5 minutes late for their match, they will lose the match by a 2-0 forfeit, although these goals will not be taken into account for the rankings calculation. Respect of the timetable is fundamental for the smooth and correct pace of the tournament, knowing that 111 matches will be played in just two days!

Substitutions: free and flying changes are made at speed, giving the signal to the referee who will verify that the entrance of the new player is run after the exit of the one recalled to the bench. The match is performed 7 vs 7 on a narrow pitch (60 x 31 mt.) and with balls type 4. Football goal size: 4×2 mt.

Rankings: the rankings will be written keeping the following criteria into consideration: 3 points for a win – 1 point for a draw – 0 points for a defeat. In case of a draw, the following criteria are valid:

1 – result of direct clashes.
2 – difference in the goals on the total of all the matches played in the group
3 – higher number of goals scored on the total number of the matches played in the group
4 – in case of further draw between two or more teams 3 shootout will be performed 1 vs 1.

Kick off: The technical Committee blows the start and the end of each match.

Penalty kicks: do not take place

Free kick: only indirect free kicks are allowed.

Lateral Throw-In:
must be performed with hands in a very short period of time, that is, within 5” of the referee’s hand indication.

Goalkeeper: The goalkeeper’s clearance can be performed by hand or foot but it cannot go beyond the half-way line. If so, an indirect free kick is assigned to the opponent from the half-way line. The teams are kindly requested not to press the goalkeeper at the time of the clearance. In case of a back header to the goalkeeper, the keeper cannot take the ball in his hands but must play it with his feet rapidly within 5”. If he catches the ball with his hands, an indirect free kick is assigned from the penalty area line. Following a corner, if the goalkeeper catches the ball with his hands, the throw-in cannot be performed beyond the half-way line.

Slides: slides and violent back tackles are strictly forbidden. In case of a serious tackle it will be the referee’s decision to give an indirect free kick from the limit of the area itself.

Referees: This year all the matches will be directed by official and professional referees who are members of the Italian Sport Association. We kindly ask coaches and managers to avoid complaints, arguments or protests, knowing the young age of the players. The Committee doesn’t accept any protests nor complaints regarding the referee’s decision.

Time of each match: the teams, once the match has finished, are kindly asked to leave quickly the perimeter to allow the respect of the schedule.

Team call: 5 minutes before the start of each match, the technical Committee calls out via the speaker the teams that will play next. These teams will stand and wait just outside the pitch lines where they will play.

Protocol Covid 19: The Organizing Committee will respect the Government regulations in place at the start of the tournament.