Lo Sport è

“Lo sport è…” is the contest conceived by the board of the Bardolino Champion’s Cup in 2017 to involve children aged 10 and 11 from schools within the municipality.

The contest is therefore aimed at students of the same age as the young athletes participating in the tournament, specifically targeting 4th and 5th grade children from the ‘Falcone Borsellino’ Comprehensive Institute in Bardolino and Calmasino.

Students, with the collaboration of their teachers, are invited to prepare works, which are usually large drawings, where they can freely express what sport means to them—competition, comparison, loyalty, and fairness. Every year, each class manages to express the great values of sport with simplicity, imagination, and originality!

During the tournament days, the works are exhibited and awarded.

For several years now, a collaboration has been established with the group PARCHOTELS ITALIA, which offers a prize of €3,000 to the winning class of the contest, which in turn will donate it to charity. So, the students serve as a bridge between the group, a crucial sponsor of the tournament, and a charitable organization selected annually in partnership with the Bardolino Champions Cup board.


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