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12 May 2019
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17 May 2019

“Lo sport è…” Contest: Primary school children awarded

Once again, the Bardolino Champions Cup has involved primary school children from Bardolino and Calmasino, with a contest reserved for them. As in previous editions, students were encouraged to stimulate their creativity by creating works — mostly drawings and illustrations — on the theme “Sport is…”.

Unlike previous years, where contest winners were awarded vouchers for school supplies, this year—thanks to the involvement and participation of the “Germano Chincherini” Foundation (see photo)—it was decided to transform the prize into a donation for children in need of specific medical therapies, residing in the municipality, in order to provide concrete help to families to support the costs of treatment.

Another initiative that involved primary school children was the opportunity—again with a separate contest—to choose the name of the Bardolino Champions Cup mascot. The chosen name was Coppolino (created from the combination of the words “Coppa” and “Bardolino”). The two girls, Laila Cecco and Francesca Pachera, who won the contest, were gifted a subscription to Gardaland.

Photos of the award ceremony